..I love you too much after too little time. And I don't feel like an idiot about it..

..for someone so illogical like me, I'm trying so hard to be the logical one.
A little bit

Red Panther ?
I found this link from Cheet's Blog. So yeah, it kinda pretty interest me. But I don't think they're all true. So yeah.

You are Red Panther, who has pure and gentle atmosphere.

You tend to give a vulnerable impression, and have a fairy like mischievousness.
You can be temperamental and little bit selfish.
You may be unable to find the objective of your life, and may take a long way round in finding it.
Your attraction is the way in which you do not deceive your heart, and act accordingly to your feeling.
If you try to handle many things at once, you will break up that energy, and therefore, you should stick to doing one thing at a time.
If you can control yourself, then doing something adventurous is not a problem.
You are passionate person.
You have very high ideals, and this make you not see the reality.
You tend to become a dreamy sort of person.
You dislike being restricted, and try to carry out your life with natural sense of your own instinct, that including your likes and dislikes.
You possess strong beliefs, and are very intelligent and hard working person.
But when you lose interest, everything stops half way through, and nothing is accomplished.
You should make yourself clear between ideals and reality.
You are too smart enough to be satisfied with ordinary housework.
You prefer to lead life free of responsibility.
Nevertheless you will be obsessed with your children's education.

Oh well ? what do u think ?
Pirroute en De hors Tuesday
Jakarta is Wet Wet Wet ! Cold Cold Cold Cold ! It has been raining for days ! Today's rain is weird. It's like my roller coaster mood. It changes every minute. I'm cool with rain. But I'm not cool with today. It's Tueday. And I should've my Ballet lesson.
So the big drops took places in Jakarta's most favorite flood location. Uh-huh. Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. It's not a big deal really, they have the flood thing like every year..
But NO! it's a biggie to me. For some reason, ballet practice is one of my favorite thing to do in the whole week. Hmm, I love that mini studio. I love how I can explore my body everytime I had the class.
And today Ms. Rina canceled it.. So she texted me, "Sya, there will be no class for today ya.. the weather is really nasty. And it's getting more nastier. And so does the rain. It's torrents.. I have to go back. I worry Gading would be flooded soon by minutes. Tell the others Sya. Okay ? See you next week"
I bite my lips after reading the text. Ahh.. I already put my top and stocking on.
So here I am. Posting. And listening to Battement tendus melody.

..Plies.. Grand Battements.. Rond de jambes a terre.. Develope Devant...Part de Bras..
I'm practing my Barre here. On my head.

And the rain hasn't stop yet.
Major :'(
" All have found a connection,
that elusive thing that binds them to another human being."
After a long time of waiting.. and hoping that he would go online soon.. that he would call me again.. that we could talk again.. and then, all of a sudden there he was. That green thing appeared on my MSN messenger. and I can read his name clearly. Before signing into my MSN I opened my facebook and filled his wall with his birthday wishes. So this offline message of his pops out.. He thanked me for the wishes. I smiled. I know he's online. He's there. Yesssss.. ! Oh he doesn't know how much I really miss talking to him. Every single of conversation that I had with him. Yes Sir.. every single one. I
I closed my eyes for a second. I don't want to waste this time. I smiled again (this time I had it so big I thought my face was looking more like Joker in Batman).
So we open up our conversation as usual "How are you ? Where have you been ? Anything new lately ?"
But as the clock goes ticking.. tick tock tick tock.. I began to wonder. Again the same Question on my head floating again (read my older posts). I know it doesn't makes sense. Yes. He's miles away. Okay, I don't want to discuss this.
So in the middle of our very fun conversation my computer all of a sudden got a major broke down! It was completely shut downed in a blink of an eye. CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP.......
I don't wanna be rant here. But OH MYYY GOOSSHH my Lombok (Mataram-Senggigi-Gili Trawangan) trip was awesome. But too bad we didn't spend much more time there :( 5 days is not enough. We need 5 weeks! I went there with Putu , Rissa, and my little sister Marsha. At first, I thought it's gonna be a cheesy trip. But nooo... It was cool and awesome. Although the 1st day we arrived there was rainy and cloudy we were still having lotsa fun together. And everyday theres always be a new stupid scandal which makes us goofier than ever.

Rissa had this idea where she's gonna photograph me for her fashion shoot competition. The idea was brilliant! She made two dresses for me which I have to wear for the Shoot. And the result was stunning. My favorite dress was her red long tailed one. BAM!! It's like a flare of fire in the middle of the beach. I thought it was a cool wrap of ANTM (You did Great Riss..) Too bad Icha wasn't there with us. If she's with us, she's probably torturing me with those extreme poses and I could washed my make up 4x in a row! Heeehee just kidding Cha :) I still think you should've been there :)

Here's some candid pictures that Rissa had taken. I don't wanna spoil everything by hanging the real fashion shoot. You can check Rissa's deviantart if you wanted ;)

It's a picture of me running towards Rissa's cam. Smiling. I can't stop laughing cus it was so fuunnn! The Dress was actually really long.. I think it's about 2 meter or so. The Shoot was a wrap! and I was really tanned..

I'm hoping to see more of Lombok in the future. I'm gonna go back there again to that mini fantasy island of Lalaland called Gili Trawangan :)

Happy Holidays Everyone !!!